Trinh Nu Waterfall (Virgin Girl Waterfall), Dak Nong
Trinh Nu Waterfall (Virgin Girl Waterfall), Dak Nong

Dak Nong

Dak Nong is located to the south-west of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The province is bordered to the north, north-east and east by Dak Lak, to the south and south-east by Lam Dong, to the south and south-west by Binh Phuoc and to the west by Cambodia. The provincial capital is Gia Nghia Town.

 The terrain of Dak Nong rests on the M’Nong Plateau with average altitude 600-700m above sea level. The highest mountain is Ta Dung (1,982m). The Nam Nung Mountain range with altitudes 800-1,500m runs from east to west. The terrain gets lower from east to west; it is higher altitudes in the central area and lower to either the north and south.

The river system in Dak Nong includes:
Serepok (Srepok) River is the merging of Krong No and Krong Ana Rivers.
Krong No starts its course in south-east of Dak Lak forming the main tributary of the Serepok River.
Several streams which provides important source for the Dong Nai River system.

Dak Nong has a monsoon tropic on high altitude with 2 seasons per year: Rainy season from April through November and dry season from December through March. The south-west winds are prevalent in the rainy season and the north-east winds in the dry season. The temperatures are from 14oC to 35oC and the average annual rainfall is 1,800-2,000mm.

There are 40 ethnic groups in Dak Nong: Kinh (65.5%), M’nong (9.7%), Tay, Thai, Ede, Nung, Ma, Co Tu, Ta Oi, Ha Nhi, Phu La, Chut, Khmer...

Tourist attractions and what to see in Dak Nong
Dak Nong was a part of Dak Lak Province and was re-established as a separate province in 2003-2004. The province is not often visited by foreign visitors to Vietnam. There are some waterfalls created along the Serepok River merged by the Krong No and Krong Ana Rivers. These waterfalls are right on the borderline between Dak Nong and Dak Lak Province: Dray Sap, Dray Nur, Gia Long, Trinh Nu.

Ta Dung Nature Reserve is a nice area with lake, islands, mountains and forests.

Chu Buk former volcanic cave

Things to do, Travel & Tours in Dak Nong
Paradissa offers sightseeing tours in Dak Nong which include the magnificent waterfalls in between Dak Nong and Dak Lak Province. For convenient of touring, on these tours you’ll stay at hotels in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak. Visiting all these waterfalls take less than a day. If having time, it is recommended you spend a day relaxing or hiking in the forest by the waterfalls. It is also possible to arrange a leisurely bicycle tour around this scenic area.

Accommodations in Dak Nong
There are several decent hotels and simple guesthouses in Dak Nong, mostly at Gia Nghia provincial capital. Luxury hotels and luxury travel services are not yet available in the province.

Getting there and away, getting around
By road: Dak Nong is 230km north of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), 120km south-west of Buon Ma Thuot, 180km from Da Lat (Lam Dong), 230km from Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan). All roads are in good condition nowadays.