The Da River

Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh is a mountainous province in north-western Vietnam. The capital city is 74km south-west of Hanoi. The region has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: summer from March through October and winter from November to February. Still, different weather patterns exist in the province due to different in altitudes and due to that the land is divided by many high mountains.

There are different ethnic groups in Hoa Binh with the majority of Muong and Kinh, the rest includes Thai, Hmong, Dao,...

The draw-card of Hoa Binh's tourism lies in the pristine nature with scenic rice valleys, mountains and traditional culture of the ethnic groups. Thanks to close proximity to Hanoi, visiting the province is just convenient and doesn't require much time.

Hoa Binh City
Hoa Binh City

Tourist attractions in Hoa Binh
Mai Chau is an idyllic valley of rice fields inhabited by the Thai ethnic group. Visiting Mai Chau, you can have a very relaxing holiday with staying at the home of a White Thai family in a house on stilts. The villages in the valley may be busy at weekend. On weekday, it is just peaceful with laid-back life-style.

Mai Chau Valley
Mai Chau Valley

Hang Kia is another valley of spinach flowers inhabited by the Hmong People. Hang Kia used to be quite isolated from the mainstream society. Visiting the village, you have to hike for a few kilometers from the big road or travel on motorbike, mountain bike.

hang kia
Hang Kia, Hoa Binh

The Da River (Black River) and the Hoa Binh Reservoir have some area just like Halong Bay. There are different ethnic villages on the riverside that could offer more understanding of local life and culture.

Da River
Da River

Travel & Tours in Hoa Binh
You can travel to Mai Chau for a couple of days for a holiday retreat, a biking tour or a trekking adventure. Depending your travel interests, Paradissa could work on an itinerary that exactly meets your requirements.

Mai Chau can also be a great stop for a night for those of you venturing further into the North-West of Vietnam.

Those love hard hiking tours can take a trekking trip from Hang Kia to Mai Chau traveling through forests and rice valleys, or another hard trek from Tan Lac to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. These adventures can range from 2 days to 4 days.

trekking at Hang Kia
Trekking at Hang Kia

Lung Van (The valley of clouds) is located amid clouds that you can come for a weekend retreat or a trekking adventure.

For the day-trippers from Hanoi, you can have a relaxing boat trip on the Da River. There are some islands that you may like to stay on for a night, but these are quite touristy and busy at weekend.

Accommodations in Hoa Binh includes homestay with the Thai or the Hmong People. Those who need comforts may want to stay at the eco-friendly lodges in Mai Chau Valley. For those traveling to Lung Van, you can stay at a local Thai family or go camping.

Mai Chau Valley
Mai Chau Valley

How to get there and how to get around
There's a good road from Hanoi to Hoa Binh City and Mai Chau Valley. To access the villages, you can go by motorbike or mountain-bike or on foot. The trip by car from Hanoi to Hoa Binh City is 2 hours and to Mai Chau is 3-4 hours.