A Boi house in Nam Dinh
A Boi house in Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh Province is located in the Red River Delta, northern Vietnam. Nam Dinh is bordered to the north-east by Thai Binh Province, to the north-west by Ha Nam Province, to the south-west and south by Ninh Binh Province and to the east by the East Vietnam Sea. The capital of Nam Dinh is Nam Dinh City, 90km south of Hanoi.

Rice field in Nam Dinh
Rice fields in Nam Dinh which produce the best quality rice in Vietnam

Nam Dinh Province doesn't have that many travel attractions and is not visited frequently by the foreign travellers to Vietnam. There's no international standards hotels or tourist facilities in the province either. Still, there are villages in Nam Dinh that offer chances of staying with local families and exploring the local life. If you plan to go further into the local life on your trip to Vietnam, then Nam Dinh maybe a good choice. Paradissa offers homestay trips, volunteer travel, cycling trips...as part of our responsible travel products to Nam Dinh Province.

Pho Minh Tower - Nam Dinh
Pho Minh Tower - Nam Dinh, one of the most famous Buddhist Towers in Vietnam built under the Ly Dynasty (11-13 century)

While the sea of Nam Dinh is hopeless for beach holidays; Giao Thuy National Park is  great a destination for the bird watching travellers. Paradissa offers bird-watching tours to Nam Dinh during the months of October to March. Accommodation for the tour is of very basic standards.

Buddist Pagoda in Nam Dinh
A Buddist Pagoda in Nam Dinh


 Fishing net - Nam Dinh
Fishing nets are seen just often in the peaceful countryside of Nam Dinh Province


Bonsai garden - Nam Dinh
For those who wish to travel responsibly to Nam Dinh, you can learn how to take care of a bonsai garden


Boi House in Nam Dinh
Boi House, a very typical and traditional style of house found in Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh Average Monthly Rainfall and Temperatures

Nam DinhWeather today

Date/time of update: April 15, 2021, 2:59 pm, Timezone: GMT+7
Overcast Clouds

Temperature: 24.01°C
Temperature feels like: 24.95°C
Minimum Temperature: 24.01°C
Maximum Temperature: 24.01°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1011hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 2.41m/sec
Wind Direction: 123 degrees
Cloudiness: 92%
Sunrise: 2021-04-14 10:36:56
Sunset: 2021-04-15 11:13:26