sea at Phu Quoc Island
sea at Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang

Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam is located in Rach Gia Gulf, 62 nautical miles north-east of Rach Gia Town of Kien Giang Province and 25 nautical miles east of Ha Tien Town. The farthest distance from the north to the south of the island is 49km and the farthest from the west to the east is 27km.

The island has an area of 56,500 hectares of which 37,000 hectares is covered with dense rain forests and home to a rich flora and fauna system. The Island has 99 mountains with the highest is The Chua Mountain (565m above sea level). The terrain of the island is higher in the north and lower in the south.

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical monsoon climate. The rainy season is from May through November. Phu Quoc receives sunshine through out the dry season. The best time to visit Phu Quoc is from December through March. Besides, the island is “hidden” in the bay, so it is well protected from typhoons and natural disasters.

Phu Quoc Island is a very popular tourist attraction in Vietnam, thanks to its white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water that ring Phu Quoc. Most travellers to Phu Quoc look for relaxing beach holidays, but you can go snorkeling or scuba-diving while here. There are also historical sites and spiritual places that you may like to visit while touring the island. Apart from tourism, Phu Quoc is well-known for its fish sauce and pepper which are among the best quality in Vietnam.

Tourist attractions on/around Phu Quoc Island
Sao Beach (Bai Sao)
Long Beach (Bai Dai)
Phu Quoc National Park
Tranh Stream: 9km south of Duong Dong Town.
Rach Tram River: 25km river from the Thom Beach.
Phu Quoc Prison Museum
Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Fish-sauce making workshop
Pepper gardens
Dinh Cau night market with opportunities of tasting the fresh seafood

What to do and tours on Phu Quoc Island
Sun-worshiping on the pristine beaches which ring the island;
Cruise through cajeput forests on the Rach Tram River;
Boat cruise and fishing, snorkeling near An Thoi Archipelago;
Jungle trekking;

Hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc Island
There are luxury hotels and resorts right on or near the beaches on Phu Quoc Island. Still, the accommodations are normally fully booked in high tourist season.

How to get to Phu Quoc Island
From Hanoi, there is a daily direct flight by Vietnam Airlines.
From Ho Chi Minh City, there are direct flights by Vietnam Airlines and VietJetAir.
From Can Tho City, there is a daily flight by Vietnam Airlines.
From Rach Gia Town
There is a flight by Vietnam Airlines on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
There are daily speedboats leaving Rach Gia at 08:00 A.M and 01:00 P.M. The boat trip is 3 hours.
From Ha Tien Town, there is one daily speedboat, the boat journey is 1hour 10 minutes.
As of this writing, there's a talk about speed boat journey between Phu Quoc, Cambodia, and Thailand by the authority of Kien Giang Province and the counter parts in the other countries.

Phu Quoc Average Monthly Rainfall and Temperatures