Do Temple Festival, Bac Ninh

Public Holidays in Vietnam 2018

Vietnam follows two calendar systems: the lunar and the solar (Gregorian) ones which affect public holidays in Vietnam dramatically. Depending on each year, public holidays coincides with weekend holidays, then the real holidays (observed holidays) for the Vietnamese for an occasion could be much longer than those on the calendar.

Nowadays, the Vietnamese do not normally spend their holidays at home as they used to. They tend to travel around the country or have tours overseas. This affects travel and tourism in the country so much that travel agents and tour operators in Vietnam have to pay close attention to when designing Vietnam holidays for the foreign travellers.

Peach blossoms for Lunar New Year (Tet) Celebration in Hanoi
Peach blossoms for Lunar New Year (Tet) Celebration in Hanoi

Vietnamese public holidays now do not only mean closure of banks, restaurants, governmental offices, tourist sites..., but also mean surge in prices due to lack of travel services such as Vietnam domestic air tickets or air tickets between Vietnam and neighboring countries, hotels, restaurants... During public holidays, tourist attractions in Vietnam could be just filled up with people ruining the experiences of those who love quietness or relaxing holidays.

Public holidays in Vietnam in 2017 which may affect touring and/or incur extra charges:


  • 01                  International New Year's Day

People do not stay at home during this time, public places, tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants in certain cities may get very busy.


  • Lunar New Year (Tet): 2018 Tet: 16 February (Tet holiday: 15February-20February)

This is the busiest time for travel and tourism in Vietnam. Air tickets are booked out months before hand, especially for the flights to Hanoi before Tet and from Hanoi after Tet. Depending on each city, tourist places are closed for a couple of days. Temples and pagodas are very busy during this time. Restaurants are closed a few days before and after Tet. Banks are closed during Tet holidays.

The Old Quarter of Hanoi one day before Tet (Lunar New Year)
The Old Quarter of Hanoi one day before Tet (Lunar New Year)


The Old Quarter of Hanoi on the first day of Tet
The Old Quarter of Hanoi on the first day of Tet


  • 25                  Death Anniversary of Kings Hung Vuong (10th of the 3 third Lunar Calendar). People travel a lot on this occasion. Very busy  festival time in Phu Tho Province, northern Vietnam. 

Hung Kings Temple Festival
Hung Kings Temple Festival

  • 30                  Reunification Day. Very busy time for tourism in Vietnam as people travel a lot. In northern Vietnam, it's heading into summer and people do travel much more than usual.


  • 01                  Labor Day. Very busy at different tourist attractions throughout Vietnam.


  • 02                  National Day (03 Observed holiday)