The Long Bien Market in Hanoi
The Long Bien Market in Hanoi

Travel Check List for Vietnam

This is a travel check list, a guide as to what to bring on your trip to Vietnam which is useful when planning your holidays and while you are traveling. Before leaving for Vietnam, the list helps you to bring what is really needed and what can be acquired locally. While you are in Vietnam, it helps you to double-check your belongings when moving from one place to another.

What to bring: Bring as little as possible. You can buy almost everything in Vietnam! Following is the recommended checklist:

  1. Travel documents: passport, visa, travel insurance, air tickets;
  2. Money: travelers cheques/cash/credit card;
  3. Wallet/purse, money pouch;
  4. Medical kit;
  5. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, (spare) prescription eyeglasses;
  6. Small padlock for your backpack/bag/laptop;
  7. Backpacks, suit cases, day pack to carry your personal needs during the day;
  8. Alarm clock and torch/flashlight, headlight for mountain climbing;
  9. Camera, memory cards, card reader, lenses and batteries, battery charger, USB cable, lens cleaning kits, tripod/monopod;
  10. Handphones, USB cable, battery charger;
  11. Laptop/netbook/tablet, batteries, mouse, adapter, USB;
  12. Hat, sun cream, insect repellents;
  13. Earplugs & eye mask for trains;
  14. Light raincoat/poncho;
  15. Tampons;
  16. Long pants, short pants, long sleeved shirts, T shirts, swimming costumes, warm clothes for the winter months in the North( November-Mar);
  17. Toothpaste, toothbrush, facial towels, toothpick, dental floss, cotton swabs, nail clipper;
  18. Shoes, sandals, flip-flops;
  19. For those on trekking tours: degradable soap, towel, toiletry, hiking shoes, hiking gloves.