Tu Le - Cao Pha Valley, Yen Bai, Vietnam
Tu Le - Cao Pha Valley, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Travel Facts for Vietnam

Vietnam travel facts are some important facts in short for Vietnam which is useful for the visitors who are planning to travel and have holidays in Vietnam.

Local Time: GMT + 7 hours

Security: Vietnam is generally very safe(recently claimed the safest country in Asia! ). Women and independent travelers have found it hassle-free and easy to travel in Vietnam. Visitors just have to be aware of the surroundings when walking. And in HochiMinh city, be careful with pickpockets and drive-by bag snatchers.
Do make use of hotel safe deposit facilities. Do not carry, your passport, visa, large amount of cash, or valuables with you.

International S.O.S
Ha Noi : 31 Hai Ba Trung str., Tel: (04) 934 0555
Ho Chi Minh city : 65 Nguyen Du, Dst1., Tel:(08) 8298520

Electrical current in Vietnam is 220-250 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). Wall outlets take plugs with two round-tipped prongs, some take three round/flat-tipped prongs. Most hotels have adapters/converters to lend to their in-house guests. Converters/adapters can be acquired from local electrical equipment shops for less than USD 1/unit.