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Vietnam Health Declaration

Vietnam requires health declaration, medical declaration from all travelers arriving into the country from March 7th, 2020. You can find the form following the link at the end of this guide.

The medical declaration form (health declaration form) requests basic health and medical information of the visitor/traveller which helps the Vietnamese medical/health authorities to prevent and/or control possible transmission of diseases.

The completion of the medical/health declaration form can be done online or on paper on arrival. The travelers are advised to complete the form online before your arrival in Vietnam which saves you and many others unnecessary delays and hassles on arrival.

The medical declaration form (or health declaration form) for Vietnam is available in English and several other languages. There are also interpreters of many languages at several arrival ports in Vietnam to assist the travelers if you need any help with this form.

Honest declaration of your health and medical conditions is extremely important for the Vietnamese health/medical authorities to contact and help the you as well as the communities in Vietnam and overseas in case of possible community transmission of a disease or virus. Please be honest and be responsible.

False declaration of one’s health conditions, medical conditions may be subject to Vietnam’s criminal prosecutions.

Vietnam Medical Declaration Form/Health Declaration Form can be found on the website: https://tokhaiyte.vn