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Vung Tau

Vung Tau Guide

Vung Tau is the most popular weekend beach destination for the well-to-do from Sai Gon. The water is not too clean, but the many water sports, outdoor restaurants, the full range of tourist facilities and the proximity to Sai Gon attract many Saigonese tourists to flock to Vung Tau to get unwound at weekend.

Most of Vung Tau City is a peninsula where a headland extends into the sea southwestwards. The terrain of the city includes flat land, mountains, sand dunes and beaches. Bai Truoc Beach (Front Beach) located to the south-west of the city is the most popular thanks to the convenient location. However Bai Sau Beach (the Back Beach) located to the south east is bigger and more beautiful. The north-western waterfront is mostly reserved for sea transport and shipping business.

For travellers who end their tour of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, you may like to get relaxed in Vung Tau for a few days before heading home. Vung Tau is quite quiet and relaxing on a weekday. Don’t forget to visit the White Villa, the former Governor’s Residence. A hike at sunset to the giant statue of Jesus atop Nui Nho Mountain offers a fabulous view of the city and the surroundings.

There have been massive flows of foreign direct investments into Vung Tau city from 2006. The construction of five star hotels, casinos have been started since. Vung Tau is one of the biggest entertainment areas and tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Vung Tau has a temperature tropical monsoon climate: rainy season from May through October with south-westerly monsoons and dry season from November through April with north-easterly monsoons. The rains at Vung Tau are normally short-lived and do not affect travels in the city. In fact, May-July is the high tourist season here. The temperatures in Vung Tau are quite stable ranging from 25oC to 29oC with quite rare typhoons. The average annual rainfall is about 1,600mm.

Vung Tau Tourist Attractions

1/The beaches around the peninsula of Vung Tau: Bai Truoc, Bai Dua, Bai Sau.

2/Villa Branche built by the French (1898-1916) and was supposed to have been the resident of Paul Doumer – The French Governor of Indochina. He never stayed here though. The villa however received successive French Governors who came and relaxed at weekend and later the President of South Vietnam Republic.

3/The giant Jesus Statue of 32m was built in 1974 but the work halted due to the war in 1975. The statue and the subsidiary structures were completed only in 1993. The statue is on Nui Nho Mountain.

4/Vung Tau Light House is located on the Small Mountain (Nui Nho). The mountain is 170m above sea level and the light house is 18m high on top of the mountain.

5/The waterfront road which runs around the peninsula of Vung Tau and which goes much further along the coast to Long Hai, Xuyen Moc… with several beaches on the way. The road is best explored by bicycle or motorbike.

Luxury Travel, Golf Tours, Beach Holidays and Family Vacations in Vung Tau

The city of Vung Tau is fairly small and the city tour shouldn’t take you more than half a day. The main reason people travel to Vung Tau is to get relaxed on the beaches. There are some other activities including water sports, golfing, dog racing… There’s a small water park for families with kids.

Paradissa offers a 1-day tour to Vung Tau from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), 1-2 days golf tours at Vung Tau and luxury beach vacations for couples and families with kids.

Luxury travel in Vung Tau includes:
- Luxury hotels and resorts on the waterfront road with breathtaking sea views.
- Luxury spa and massage service.
- Luxury golfing at a fine golf-course by the ocean.
- Fun time at the city casino.
- Half a day sightseeing tour to key attractions in the city.
- Half a day battlefield tour to Long Tan – Nui Dat.

Hotels and resorts in Vung Tau

There are several luxury hotels and resorts on the waterfront roads of Vung Tau which offer lovely sea views. Most luxury hotels have swimming pools but there are no private beaches.

Getting there and away

Vung Tau is 120km from Ho Chi Minh City and the road trip takes about 1h30’. Alternatively there is a daily speedboat commuting between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau. The boat journey takes 1h45.

Getting around

The best ways to get around the city of Vung Tau is on foot and by motorbike. Alternatively you can hire a car or a taxi for navigating around which is very easy.