Luxury Adventure Vietnam and Cambodia in June 2017

Jude&Ben, UK (feedback via Paradissa's partnered travel agent)

Good Afternoon Alex,

It could be morning or evening! wherever you happen to be travelling!
There could only be one word for the trip you planned for us to Vietnam. FANTASTIC!!

 You were so right in saying "things just happen" and its never too late!!.....We managed the busy schedule mainly because you and Anh had perfectly planned the time.

We had the pleasure of meeting him in Hanoi(what a lovely man) and he made contact several times during the trip just to CHECK!!

The variety of hotels were all well located and were excellent for our needs..... As were the guides and drivers.

There was only one major hassle as you become to expect on any trip!! Cambodia lived up to the corrupt reputation we paid AND tipped to get in.

It was the rainy season in Phu quoc but not so busy mostly Vietnamese families on holiday. It was a long long time since the Saigon Phu Qoc Hotel was 4* but beautifully located.

We decided to ignore the mould and jade and enjoy the good parts. The pool was lovely (the sea was too rough) and the seafood was phenomenal!!

The whole trip we felt was so beautifully personalised for us to enjoy our special interests.........THANK YOU

Best Regards Jude&Ben