A desert at Hoa Thang, Binh Thuan
A desert at Hoa Thang, Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan

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Temperature: 27.78°C
Temperature feels like: 31.28°C
Minimum Temperature: 27.78°C
Maximum Temperature: 27.78°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1008hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 2.39m/sec
Wind Direction: 35 degrees
Cloudiness: 82%
Sunrise: 2021-05-12 10:25:44
Sunset: 2021-05-13 11:02:17

Binh Thuan Province is located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, bordered to the north and north east by Ninh Thuan Province, to the north and north-west by Lam Dong Province, to the west by Dong Nai Province, to the south-west by Ba Ria Vung Tau Province and to the east by the East Sea of Vietnam. The terrain of Binh Thuan is mostly forested mountains to the west and flat land along the coast.
 The desert in Binh Thuan Vietnam
The desert in Binh Thuan Vietnam

The capital of the province is Phan Thiet City, 200km north-east of Ho Chi Minh City and 150km south-west of Phan Rang Thap Cham City in Ninh Thuan Province, 250km south-west of Nha Trang.

The terrain of Binh Thuan comprises: sandy soil and sand dunes (18%), river basin with alluvial soil (9%), hilly terrain (31%) and mountainous terrain (41%).

There are several rivers in Binh Thuan with unstable water flow: strong currents in the rainy season and no or little water in the dry season. The 4 biggest rivers in Binh Thuan are
- The Long Song River (40km) flows north-south close to the border between Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan.
- The Luy River with tributaries flowing north to south (40km) and west to east (20km) often causes floods in the rainy season due to small riverbed.
- The Cai River (40km) starts from the Di Linh Plateau flowing from north to south.
- The Ca Ty River (56km) flows southeastward discharging its water into the East Vietnam Sea at Phan Thiet. The Ca Ty River is a fabulous photogenic spot.

Binh Thuan has a tropical monsoon climate with 2 seasons per year: rainy season from May to October and dry season from November to April. The temperatures in Binh Thuan range from 25 Degrees Celsius to 37 Degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is 1,024mm and the average humidity is 79%.

There are 34 ethnic minorities in Binh Thuan: Kinh, Cham, Ra Glai, Co Ho, Tay, Cho Ro, Nung, Muong...

Mui Ne Beach at twilight
Mui Ne Beach at twilight

Tourist attractions and what to see in Binh Thuan
The province has 192km of coastline with fine sandy beaches, which has huge potential for tourism. Cape Mui Ne in Phan Thiet City with a dozen kilometers of sandy beach and with hundreds of luxury beach resorts has long been known as a paradise for beach holidays in Vietnam. There are different tourist projects underway near Lagi and Ke Ga currently. While Mui Ne is getting to be overdeveloped Hon Rom, which is only 7km from Mui Ne, possesses 17km of sandy beach without much tourism just yet. Hon Rom is for beach vacations away from the crowds.

Apart from the beaches, Binh Thuan also possesses a stretch of semi desert land which runs for over 50km and which is great for motorbike adventures. For those who love photography, then there are the White Sand Dune and the Red Sand Dune which could add more stunning photos to your Vietnam holidays.

Other popular tourist spots in Binh Thuan include:

1/The White Sand Dune is 65km north-east of Phan Thiet. The huge area of sand dunes by the blue ocean with fluid curved lines are fantastic for photography. The site is best visited in early morning or late afternoon.

The White Sand Dune
The White Sand Dune

2/Bau Trang (The White Lake) is by the White Sand Dune. This is a single source of fresh water in the region. Bau Trang is amid a huge region of sand dunes and low-growing forests.

Bau Trang
Bau Trang (The White Lake)

3/Bau Sen is right next to Bau Trang filled with pleasant lotus flowers.

Bau Sen
Bau Sen (Lotus Lake)

4/Ta Cu Mountain (649m above sea level) is 27km south of Phan Thiet City. The mountain offers a lovely chance of hiking through untouched natural forest. Once on top, you are awarded with stunning panorama of the surrounding. Alternatively, there is a cable car for those who don’t want to hike.

5/Ganh Son in Tuy Phong District is 80km north of Phan Thiet. Ganh Son is a rugged coastline with cliffs carved into by the winds, waves and rain water. There are kilometer-long deserted sandy beaches and few fishing villages at Ganh Son that surely make your photos shine! Ganh Son can be taken on a day trip from Phan Thiet or Mui Ne. Early morning and late afternoon are the best moments for visiting Ganh Son and for photography.

6/Cape Ke Ga with Ke Ga Lighthouse is 31km south of Phan Thiet City. This is an amazing spot of photography of dawn over the sea.

7/Phu Quy Island is an offshore island, 54 nautical miles from Phan Thiet City. There are daily speedboats between the island and Phan Thiet; the 1-way journey takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Phu Quy is untouched by tourism and the island is ringed with amazing sandy beaches and blue sea water.

Things to do, Luxury Family Tours, Luxury Beach Holidays and Vacations in Binh Thuan
Paradissa organizes beach holidays and vacations for 3 – 5 days in Binh Thuan (Lagi, Mui Ne Phan Thiet, Hon Rom, Ke Ga…) on which there are side trips and tours to visit the sand dunes and the deserts of Binh Thuan. If you are on holidays with kids or on honeymoon vacations, then Paradissa can tailor a special vacation package for you which include the best of Binh Thuan. Please contact our team for further details.
The Red Sand Dune
The Red Sand Dune

Luxury travel services are widely available in Binh Thuan, especially at La Gi Beach, Ke Ga Beach, Mui Ne Beach and Phan Thiet City. Fine-dining with fresh seafood is easily found at Mui Ne. Golfing by the blue ocean at Phan Thiet could be an unforgettable experience. Luxury spa, massage and wellness are available at most luxurious beach resorts at Mui Ne.

A wide array of water sports are available at Mui Ne: Kite-surfing, para-sailing, paddle board surfing… There are several local travel agents and tour operators who could arrange a training course or a memorable surfing experience at Mui Ne for you.

Accommodation in Binh Thuan
There are several luxury hotels and resorts with private beach at Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne, Ke Ga and La Gi. There are several beach resorts at Hon Rom for travelers on a budget. You name your interests and travel requirements to Paradissa team, then our luxury tour expert could get you a spot-on accommodation for a fantastic vacation.

How to get there and away
National Road No. running between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City passes Binh Thuan and this is the most common way to travel to the province. Currently, this road is too busy and a trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet City may take up to 5 hours.

Alternatively, there are daily trains between Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Thuan which take 4 hours; the train stops at Binh Thuan Railway Station (formerly known as Muong Man Train Station). There is also helicopter service between Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet for those who love convenience.

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