Xuan Huong Lake
Xuan Huong Lake

Da Lat - Lam Dong

Da Lat is located on the Lang Biang Plateau, southern area of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Da Lat is characterized by pine forests, lakes, waterfalls, beautiful flower fields and French architecture.

Da Lat City is 1,475m in elevation and has a temperate climate. There are high mountains surrounding the city including the Lang Biang (2163m), the Elephant Range (1,800m) and the Lapbe (1,732m).

The average temperature of Da Lat is around 18o-21oC and it's never more than 32oC in the city. With the ideal climate and the ever blossom flower fields, Da Lat has earned the nickname "The City of Eternal Spring".

Dalat Vietnam
Xuan Huong Lake Dalat Vietnam

Da Lat was built into mountain resort area by the French and was planned to have been the capital city of former French Indochina replacing Ha Noi. Even though the plan didn't come true, Da Lat had been home to many VIPs in the French government, the last Vietnamese King and the former President of South Vietnam Republic.

Nowadays Da Lat is the top destinations for the Vietnamese artists and honeymooners. Maybe that's why it also earns the name "the Honeymoon City". Many travelers visiting Da Lat and want to spend extra time here for the fresh nature beauty, and many have come back many times.

Traveling in Da Lat you can not only adore the fresh nature beauty and the temperate climate, but also the colorful ethnic people full of legends. For those that seek adventures, you can climb the Lang Biang Mountains and get the reward of the stunning panoramic views of the surrounding from the top.

Da Lat Vietnam
Colonial architecture in central Dalat

The History of Da Lat

Da Lat was discovered by a Swiss French bacteriologist named Alexandre John Emile Yersin on 21-June-1893. Yersin was a medical doctor working on board the Messageries Maritimes. From the telescope on board, Yersin built up a burning dream to discover the mysterious range of mountains of the Central Highlands.

In 1890 when the ship docked at Nha Trang Harbor, Yersin hired a local to guide him on his discovery trip to the Central Highlands. It took him 2 days to come to Djiring (Di Linh district now).

In 1893 while exploring the Dran area, Yersin was attacked by the local pirates called Thonk and was nearly killed by a herd of wild elephants. Undaunted by challenges, Yersin made more attempts and the last one he traveled from Nha Trang, through the Da Nhim River's Valleys, past Dran and Finnom area and arriving at Prenn Pass. At 15h on 21-June-1893, Yersin was stunned facing the heavenly beauty of Lang Biang Plateau with waves of green mountains and towering peaks in the horizon...

Da Lat Xuan Huong Lake at night
Xuan Huong Lake at night

Da Lat got its name from the combination of  "M’Lates" or usually known as "Lat" - the local ethnic group and Dak which means water or stream in local language. Da Lat means the streams/waters of the Lat People. Yersin found it very interesting as he found out that Da Lat also is the acronym for “Dat Aliis Laetitiam Aliis Temperriem” in Latin, or "Give Pleasure to Some and Freshness to Others". And indeed, Da Lat has been like this since it was known to the outside world.

the Pongour Waterfall Lam Dong Vietnam
the Pongour Waterfall Lam Dong Vietnam
After discovering Da Lat, Yersin suggested to the French Governor of Indochina, Paul Doumer, to built Da Lat into a sanatorium and resort area. In 1897 the first official inspection of site was made by the French Government. And in 1899 after the dirt road from Phan Rang to Da Lat was completed and Doumer's visit to Da Lat, the French Indochinese Government allocated a fund to the construction of the city.
Dalat Prenn Waterfall
Dalat Prenn Waterfall

The plan of Da Lat submitted by architect Hébrard was to built Da Lat into the capital city of Indochina and gradually different important governmental offices would be moved here. The plan was not completed due to all changes after the World War Two. After Geneva Accord in 1954, the French pulled out of Vietnam, there were flows of immigration into Da Lat from many areas of the country.

Prenn Hill Dalat Vietnam
Prenn Hill Dalat Vietnam

Adventure Travel, Luxury Travel, Romantic Holidays, Family Tours in Da Lat

Da Lat Lang Biang Mountain
The Lang Biang Mountain at Da Lat

Da Lat is a hill station and is perfect for the nature seekers. But the city is more known as a romantic getaway destination where honeymooners would come and enjoy the most precious moments of their life. You can also combine your trip with a golfing tour in the international country-styled golf course in town.

Adventure travel enthusiasts will find a number of physical challenges available at Da Lat such as mountain biking, trekking in the mountains, rock-climbing, abseiling, white water rafting,… Make certain that the tour company you deal with are licensed to operate adventure tours then.

Paradissa Travel has got a number of family tours, bird-watching tours, luxury romantic holidays and luxury golf tours for our travellers to discover the charm of Da Lat as well as Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The tours for Da Lat are usually for 2-3 days. Please contact us for further details.

Accommodation and hotels in Da Lat

There is a wide range of accommodations in Da Lat from standard hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels. The connoisseur may like to know that luxury travel in Da Lat can be tailored to every of your travel wishes be it you like a romantic escape, a family holiday amid amazing natural settings, a vintage luxury in colonial atmosphere, or simple a vacation with high-end luxury travel service… You name your wish, Paradissa team will get back with the choice of your dream!

Also, there's a choice of staying overnight at a local ethnic family outside the city for those who would like to have more engaging a cultural trip to Da Lat.

Panoramic view of Dalat Vietnam
Panoramic view of Da Lat

Getting there and away
By air: There are daily direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat, Da Nang – Da Lat and Hanoi – Dalat.

By road: Da Lat is 230km from Nha Trang, 320km from Ho Chi Minh City, 210 km from Buon Ma Thuot (or Buon Ma Thuat).

The Elephant Waterfall Dalat Vietnam
The Elephant Waterfall Dalat Vietnam (Thac Ong Voi) 

How to get around Da Lat
On foot: the city of Da Lat can be explored on foot easily and relaxingly.
Taxi: they can easily be seen around the city.
Xe Om: the drivers waiting for clients at every street corner
Cable Car: some spots in Da Lat can be reached by cable car which also offers stunning view of the city.
Train: brings the travellers back to the old time. The train ride is breathtaking and sensational.