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Nam Dinh Travel Guide

Nam Dinh Province is located in the Red River Delta, northern Vietnam. Nam Dinh is bordered to the north-east by Thai Binh Province, to the north-west by Ha Nam Province, to the south-west and south by Ninh Binh Province and to the east by the East Vietnam Sea. The capital of Nam Dinh is Nam Dinh City, 90km south of Hanoi.

Quang Ngai Travel Guide

Quang Ngai Province is located in the Central Region of Vietnam; bordered to the north by Quang Nam Province, to the south by Binh Dinh Province, to the west of Kon Tum Province, to the south-west by Gia Lai Province and to the east by the East-Vietnam Sea. The capital city of Quang Ngai Province is Quang Ngai City, 130km south of Da Nang, 130km south of Hoi An Old Town, 170km north Quy Nhon City, 400km north of Nha Trang.

Da Nang Travel Guide

Da Nang City in Vietnam is the biggest commercial and industrial city in the Central Region of the country. Da Nang is among the most popular travel destinations in Vietnam with those of the finest sandy beaches in the country and in the world.

Guide to My Son Cham Ruins

From 2nd century A.D through the 13th century, there used to be a kingdom called Champa in the Central and South Central Region of Vietnam. Champa owed its spiritual existence to Indian Hinduism. The remains of the Cham Civilization are still found at My Son Cham Ruins. For most of its existence, My Son was Champa's religious, cultural and political center.

Hoi An Travel Guide

Hoi An Vietnam is a riverine town 138 km south of Hue and 30km southeast of Da Nang. Hoi An was once a major international port trading in silk, ceramics, and spices.

Hue Travel Guide

Hue was the capital city of Vietnam from 1802 - 1945, controversially considered the most beautiful city in Vietnam. There's no doubt that Hue is a city of harmony with the encircling green mountains, the meandering rivers, the Vietnamese traditional houses nestled in trees….Everything of Hue seems to be just in the right place and in perfect harmony.

Quang Tri Travel Guide

Quang Tri is 580km south of Ha Noi and 75km north of Hue. Quang Tri contained most of the area called DMZ during the war. It was heavily destroyed and sprayed in the war.

Quang Binh Travel Guide

Quang Binh is located in the Central Region of Vietnam. The province is bordered to the north by Ha Tinh, to the east by the East Vietnam Sea, to the south by Quang Tri and to the west by Laos. The coastline of Quang Binh is 116km and the borderline with Laos is 202km.

Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is located in the north of the Central Region of Vietnam, 160km south of Ha Noi. The province is bordered to the north by Son La, Hoa Binh and Ninh Binh Provinces; to the west by Laos; to the east by the East Vietnam Sea and to the South by Nghe An Province.

Ninh Binh Travel Guide

Ninh Binh is tucked deep to the south-western corner the Red River Delta and characterized by lotus flower lakes, towering limestone mountains, vast rice paddies and evergreen untouched forests. Hoa Lu a district of Ninh Binh was the capital city of Vietnam in the 10th century A.D. Cuc Phuong National Park of Ninh Binh is among the best preserved national parks in Vietnam and was the starting point of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trails in the War.

Ha Tay Travel Guide

From August 2008, Ha Tay has been integrated into Ha Noi, so there's no province officially called Ha Tay in Vietnam now. Paradissa still retains this travel guide section to make it less confusing for our travellers.

Ha Tay is one of the biggest provinces of Vietnam with its area virtually surrounding Ha Noi. The capital town of Ha Tay Province is Ha Dong Town which from the 11th century has been famous for the fine silk. Visit Van Phuc Village in Ha Dong now you can still sample of the fine silk of this area.

Bac Giang Travel Guide

Bac Giang Province is bordered to the north and north-east by Lang Son, to the east and south-east by Quang Ninh, to the south by Hai Duong and Bac Ninh, to the south-west by Hanoi and to the west by Thai Nguyen. Bac Giang is not much known to the travelers to Vietnam. There is not really good infrastructure for tourism in the province yet.