The An Khe Pass, Gia Lai
The An Khe Pass, Gia Lai

Pleiku – Mang Yang – An Khe - 1/2 Day

The half a day trip brings you on a road that the best elite French troops Groupement Mobile 100 met its fate loosing about 1,000 men in ambushes by Viet Minh 1954. On the tour, we'll also visit the site of Camp Radcliff of the US Army in Vietnam.

The Battle of Mang Yang took place after Dien Bien Phu and might not be that of the scale of Dien Bien Phu Battle in every sense. But the Battle of Mang Yang was one of the very few battles during the whole course of the First Indochina War that the French suffered so many losses in casualties, so much loss in war materials and political reputation.

The Battle of Mang Yang did in fact have much influence the Geneva Peace Accord and the division of Vietnam into the North and South later! The political impact of the Battle of Mang Yang in the history of Vietnam was under-estimated for a long time and not much was known in Vietnam for a long time! If you happen to be a historian, a military analyst or a war veteran there are so many lessons you can learn by taking our trip to Mang Yang!

Road trip to Mang Yang to visit the Dektu village of Bahnar Minority. Move onto Dakpo to visit the former site of the battle of Mang Yang that Groupement Mobile 100 (or GM100) of the French troops lost about 1000 men in 1954. Then proceed to An Khe and visit Radcliff - the former base of the 1st Cavalry Division of the US Army during the war. Travel back to Pleiku at mid day.

English-speaking guide as per itinerary: no guide for free-at-leisure days;
Private car for all transfers as indicated in the program;
All admission fees during guided times in the program;

Insurance of any types;
Drinks, laundry, bar or other personal expenses;
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