Ricefields at Muong Vi, Bat Xat, Lao CaiVietnam Travel section is dedicated to a complete luxury Vietnam travel guide with useful travel tips and advice, detailed information for travel destinations, as well as photos and images for Vietnam. All travel guide information is written by Paradissa tour guides and travel experts from our own experiences. We keep it in mind that the travel guide is for our travelers and we try to update the information as "it is". Sometimes things change so quickly that we can't update all information, so please help us to share your experiences and knowledge so that we could provide the travellers to Vietnam with the most up-to-date information. Have nice reading and have a great trip to Vietnam!

How to Travel To Vietnam

Vietnam is getting more and more popular as a tourist attraction, traveling to Vietnam is getting easier. More airlines operate direct flights and daily direct flights to the country and more cruise companies offer Vietnam as a stop on the cruise itineraries.

Vietnam Travel Tips and Advice

Travel tips and advice provides you with useful information regarding how to deal with your daily routine while you travel in Vietnam such as cash for food and drinks, for your shopping, for taxis; what you should do and should not for your security and for your safety.

Travel Facts for Vietnam

Vietnam travel facts are some important facts in short for Vietnam which is useful for the visitors who are planning to travel and have holidays in Vietnam.

Travel Check List for Vietnam

This is a travel check list, a guide as to what to bring on your trip to Vietnam which is useful when planning your holidays and while you are traveling. Before leaving for Vietnam, the list helps you to bring what is really needed and what can be acquired locally. While you are in Vietnam, it helps you to double-check your belongings when moving from one place to another.

Transport in Vietnam

This is a travel guide and travel information for transportation where you can find useful information on how to get to Vietnam and how to get around the country, the conditions and availability of means of transportation.

State & Law in Vietnam

Vietnam political system started in 1945 after Ho Chi Minh declared independence from the French and the Japanese. The interim government quickly formed right after the declaration of indepence to take charge of the administrative work. In 1946 the first parliament was formed and the first constitution was passed by the Vietnamese popular. This was the first time the Vietnamese had their own government and political system. In the 1946 Constitution, basic human rights were recognized as part of citizenship.

Vietnamese Society & Conduct

The Vietnamese family unit (particularly in the rural areas) is patriarchal in nature with strong familial ties. It is not unusual to find three or four generations living in the same household. Personal names are written with the family name first, middle name second, and the first name last. It is common practice to address people by their first names, it's not so common addressing people by the last name.

Shopping in Vietnam

 Vietnam shopping offers plenty of chances of acquiring the fine local products for very reasonable prices...

Religion & Ideology in Vietnam

Traditionally and ultimately the Vietnamese practice ancestor worshipping. This still plays the most important part of the Vietnamese spiritual life. This tradition actually helps make the spiritual life and religious life in Vietnam very characteristic and colorful. Besides the Vietnamese also practice the worshipping of the Mother of the Land.

Quy Nhon Guide - Binh Dinh

Quy Nhon is the capital city of Binh Dinh Province. The city is known to the travellers as having pristine strips of fine sandy beaches. The vicinity also offers ruins of the Cham Culture which existed in Central and South Central Region of Vietnam from 2nd century through the 15th century.

Post & Communications in Vietnam

Postage in Vietnam is fairly inexpensive and reliable. There are tens of companies servicing postal service within Vietnam and between Vietnam and other countries such as VNPT, EMS, Saigon Post, DHL, FedEx...to name a few. As Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization and Vietnam's international trade is growing, it's expected that there are more and more postal companies expanding their network to Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island Guide - Kien Giang

Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam is located in Rach Gia Gulf, 62 nautical miles north-east of Rach Gia Town of Kien Giang Province and 25 nautical miles east of Ha Tien Town. The farthest distance from the north to the south of the island is 49km and the farthest from the west to the east is 27km.