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Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak

Buon Ma Thuot or Ban Me Thuat is located deep in the Central Highlands, about 360 km from Sai Gon. Buon Ma Thuot is the capital city of Dak Lak Province of Vietnam and the "capital city of the Vietnamese coffee". Buon Ma Thuot by far is relatively off-the-tourist track. But the area is certainly worth the trip.

Battlefields in Vietnam

Paradissa’s guide to battlefields in Vietnam are dedicated providing information on the former battlefields in Vietnam which could be of interest to those who love to learn about the Vietnamese history.

Arts & Entertainment in Vietnam

Arts and performances show perception of people towards nature as well as the social life around them. Through arts and performances we understand the life and culture of a community at present as well as many years ago. The Vietnamese has been cultivating their agrarian life starting in the Red River Delta for thousands of years. They have been in close touch with nature and they have passed on a rich culture from the ancient times.

Travel Activities in Vietnam, Things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing travel destination which hosts a wide range of travel and tour activities. Whether you travel independently, in groups or with your family, there is a variety of choices available for you to do on your holidays here. You look for a land adventure, a beach break, or a romantic escape, or a luxury travel experience, Vietnam has it all! Below are some popular activities that you may like to do on your trip to Vietnam.

Moc Chau, Son La

Moc Chau is a plateau in Son La Province with the elevation of 1.050m above sea, stretching over 80km in length and 25km in width. The plateau has a temperate climate with average temperature in the summer around 18-20 Degrees Celsius; with annual rainfall around 1500-1600mm and average humidity around 85%.

Weather and Climate in Vietnam, Best time to visit Vietnam

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity of 85-90%. But the difference in latitudes and topographical relief makes the climate vary considerably from one region to another. This makes it hard to say when is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Bac Ha Guide, Lao Cai

Bac Ha is a district of Lao Cai Province in north-western Vietnam. For long, Bac Ha has been overshadowed by Sapa, a popular tourist attraction only 100km away. Some travellers to Sapa would take a day trip to Bac Ha for the colorful ethnic market on Sunday morning, when virtually all local ethnic groups get dressed up in their traditional costumes and travel to town for trading and for socializing. Bac Ha still preserves the untouched natural and cultural beauty.

Nha Trang Guide

Nha Trang City is the provincial capital of Khanh Hoa Province, south of the Central Region of Vietnam. Nha Trang is famous for white sand beaches, turquoise transparent sea water and stunning coral reefs, and has always been among the top popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Con Dao Islands Guide

Con Dao is an archipelago of 16 islands in southern Vietnam. Con Dao is 180km from Vung Tau, 230km from Ho Chi Minh City and 83km from the river-mouth of Hau Giang River in Can Tho City. The total land area of Con Dao archipelago is 75km2, the biggest island of the archipelago, which is called Con Lon or also called Con Dao, is 51km2. Con Dao is a district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.

Hau Giang Guide

Hau Giang Province is located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, bordered to the north by Can Tho City, to the east by the Hau River (Mekong River tributary) and Vinh Long Province, to the south by Soc Trang Province and Bac Lieu Province and to the west by Kien Giang Province. The capital of  Hau Giang Province is Vi Thanh Town, 240km south-west of Ho Chi Minh City.

Quang Ninh Guide

Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam is located in the North-East of the country. Quang Ninh is bordered to the north by China, to the east and south-east by the East Vietnam Sea, to the south by Hai Phong, to the south-west by Hai Duong Province and to the west by Bac Giang and Lang Son Provinces. The province possesses a rugged coastline of 250km.

Tay Ninh Guide

Tay Ninh is where the headquarters of Vietnam’s indigenous religions - Caodaism is located. The Cao Dai Great Temple at the sect’s Holy See is as extraordinary as the sect’s philosophy.