A panoramic picture of Halong BayCruise travel blog is inspirational writing of our cruise experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Apart from luxury river cruises and sea cruises, our team also shares with you our adventure boat trips amid captivating and heavenly nature that is not often seen by travellers. Following us on these adventures, you'll surely get the inspiration to pack up for your own journey.

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 2

As the junk cruised further, we found ourselves surrounded by heavenly landscape. It was so calm and fresh outside and inside the food was sensational! What a great combination for a perfect experience!

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 1

 Spring! It had been wet in Hanoi and for the last few days it had been very foggy. No doubt that the vegetation was so green and the flowers were everywhere! The singing birds were more active in looking for food and partners. The whole world seemed to be charged with new energy.

Junk Cruise on Halong Bay - Part 5

Food on junk cruises on Halong Bay ranges from almost nothing to bad, good and sensational depending on the boat company, the cruise package you choose, the price that you pay for... There are cases that the food you get on a cruise is much less than what you have paid for due a number of reasons, mostly dishonesty of the boat owner. It is recommended you book your cruise package via a professional travel agency or tour operator based in Vietnam who has good experience of monitoring the services on board...

Junk Cruise on Halong Bay - Part 3

When darkness falls and when it is still too early for dinner, we are all on the sun deck to watch demonstrations on cooking and decorating food. The dish today is fried springrolls. The demonstrations include explainations on the materials and how to prepare them before used...