Mu Cang Chai Yen BaiLet's follow Paradissa's dedicated travelers on our inspirational photo adventures to capture the amazing beauties of Vietnam. On our photography trips, we will not only share the dazzling tourist attractions, but also authentic local life and culture, of the magical moments,...and of the local people who above all define the locale. Hopefully you will get your own inspiration to embark on a photo journey by yourself or with Paradissa and create your own works more imaginative, more artistic and more inspirational...

Photography of the Flower Fields in Hanoi

When it comes to December and January the spinach fields on the outskirt of Hanoi start blooming. If you plan to travel to Hanoi during this time and if you love photography of flower fields and farming life, then you may like to contact Paradissa for a photography tour to one of these lovely fields.

Travel Photography in Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang)

Ha Giang perched to the top northern territory of Vietnam is an amazing place. Dong Van Karst Plateau possesses an unreal beauty that is not seen elsewhere. But in this article Paradissa would like to embark you on a photographic journey to discover a little secret of Ha Giang: the captivating rice terraces at Hoang Su Phi.

Photo Tour Of the Golden Rice Terraces in Bat Xat – Lao Cai

Autumn! The temperatures in Hanoi dropped down from warm to pleasant. The air was fresher and the breezes were gentler. It was still bright sunshine but the scorching sun had been replaced by a kissing and caressing one. My temptation to hit the road was gradually dominating the love for work. I knew it was best to wrap things up as soon as possible… Somewhere up in the mountains, the golden rice terraces were calling my name!

Hanoi Street Photography

Hanoi is a city with a special character: the chaotic traffic with millions of scooters and motorbikes, skinny shop houses, tiny dark alleys, busy sidewalk cafes, smoky street restaurants... It may sound crazy but Hanoi is a pedestrian-friendly and a very walkable city, too. It seems that Hanoi happens to be made for great photography. And photographers will find it just easy to walk about and capture amazing scenes just around the corner...

Hanoi Early Morning Photography

Hanoi is among the most interesting cities in Asia for the visitors. For photographers, you will find  many opportunities of taking great photos in the city. The growing economy has been just good enough to add new varieties to the lifestyle of local residents, while the traditional way of life has basically remained unchanged for several years...

Travel Photography in Yen Bai

It was Thursday and I was getting funky again. The weather seemed to have changed last night with new rounds of monsoons which made temperatures drop and the air fresh. The breezes were so gentle and the air was dry. This kind of breezes is called “Heo May” in Vietnamese.