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Tour to Ba Be National Park (Bac Kan)

Descending the long gradient at Ngan Son, I was charmed by the sublime and fresh mountain landscape. The winds were blowing hard now, the mountain gorges, the forest and the waterfalls by the road side looked stunning. There is no doubt that it is called Deo Gio which means the windy mountain pass.

Trip through Cao Bang

It was early in the afternoon when I made my way into Bao Lam - Cao Bang from Meo Vac – Ha Giang. The drive was on a flat and quiet road with forested mountains on one side and a river running side by side with another range of mountain on the other.

Journey to Ha Giang - Part 4

Descending the flag tower of Lung Cu, I traveled to Pho Bang Town, home to a little Chinese community in Dong Van. It was late in the morning. It seemed to me that it got colder now than earlier in the morning. The back road went via Lung Tao Commune. Except for a few kids and ladies bringing firewood home, I did not see anyone else. The landscape was mesmerizing and I couldn't help but stopped every now and again for adoring the unreal beautiful nature.

Tour to Ha Giang - Part 3

I got up at 0600 in the morning and had noodle soup for breakfast, then my hot coffee. I loved contemplating over the steamy hot coffee in the early morning when the street was still quiet. It was a dry and pleasantly cold day. It made everything just clean and fresh. It was Saturday and the market gathering was on Sunday only. There were some vegetable and meat stalls in the market though. Some old ladies with big basket on the back were going to work. Walking on the narrow streets with shop houses on the side, it was so calm an atmosphere...

Travel to Ha Giang - Part 2

After Yen Minh, the road branched into two smaller roads: one led to Dong Van and the other to Meo Vac;  I took the former one with an ascent on a very steep gradient. The landscape changed suddenly into a sweeping view of serrated ridges which looked so unreal!

Adventure to Ha Giang - Part 1

It was a Friday in late spring, and the air in Hanoi was just fresh and chilly in the morning still. The rain in the earlier night made the trees so green all around. I had finished my coffee and was just ready to leave for the land of my dream: the fabled world of Dong Van Karst Plateau in Ha Giang Province, in the far-north of Vietnam. 

Charming Hanoi

The Charming Ha Noi of Vietnam Hanoi is the elegant capital city of Vietnam sprawling its way along the Red River banks. There are many lakes, parks and leafy quarters which make the city just freshly green all year round.