Vietnamese seafood saladLet’s follow Paradissa gourmets to explore the mouth-watering food of Vietnam and find out amazing things about the Vietnamese cuisine and Vietnamese gastronomy. Our culinary experiences engage you right into the amazing local cuisines of these destinations be it sizzling street food or at fine-dining restaurants, be it unique flavorful local dishes or delicate royal cuisine. You’ll be charmed by the lovely smells, the appealing textures, the harmonious colors of the highlighted dishes. Our dedicated gourmets also get you some simple recipes for you to try at home first before embarking on an amazing food tour with our team in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Food: Popular Dishes

Vietnamese food is much better known today thanks to the country’s growing tourism. Travelers who have been to the country often find one of the highlights of their trip to Vietnam is the Vietnamese cuisine which bears some influence of of its neighbors Chinese food, Thai food, Lao food, Khmer food. And of course the Vietnamese food is also much influenced by French food as it was under the French rule for a long time.