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Travel to Ha Giang - Part 2

After Yen Minh, the road branched into two smaller roads: one led to Dong Van and the other to Meo Vac;  I took the former one with an ascent on a very steep gradient. The landscape changed suddenly into a sweeping view of serrated ridges which looked so unreal!

Adventure to Ha Giang - Part 1

It was a Friday in late spring, and the air in Hanoi was just fresh and chilly in the morning still. The rain in the earlier night made the trees so green all around. I had finished my coffee and was just ready to leave for the land of my dream: the fabled world of Dong Van Karst Plateau in Ha Giang Province, in the far-north of Vietnam. 

Junk Cruise on Halong Bay - Part 5

Food on junk cruises on Halong Bay ranges from almost nothing to bad, good and sensational depending on the boat company, the cruise package you choose, the price that you pay for... There are cases that the food you get on a cruise is much less than what you have paid for due a number of reasons, mostly dishonesty of the boat owner. It is recommended you book your cruise package via a professional travel agency or tour operator based in Vietnam who has good experience of monitoring the services on board...

Junk Cruise on Halong Bay - Part 3

When darkness falls and when it is still too early for dinner, we are all on the sun deck to watch demonstrations on cooking and decorating food. The dish today is fried springrolls. The demonstrations include explainations on the materials and how to prepare them before used...

Junk cruise on Halong Bay Part 2

In late afternoon of Day 1, the junk anchors near the Ti Tov Island for visits to the surrounding sites by Tender. These photos are to show you the stunning sites in Halong Bay that you'll visit on junk cruises.

Junk cruise on Halong Bay - Part 1

Halong Bay is among the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Almost all travellers to Vietnam make their trip to the bay. The best way to visit Halong Bay is to embark on an overnight luxury junk cruise which browses the towering limestone islands on the emerald water of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.